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Rachele Marie


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I firmly believe that EVERYONE benefits from having a trainer; not every trainer is right for you, but even Tiger Woods has a coach to help him be the best golfer he can be.
That being said a one hour complimentary assessment when done right is extremely beneficial to you and your trainer.
My background starts at Arizona State University with a Fine Arts degree. I have spent my life learning movement and teaching movement to others. Fitness is a form of movement that everyone can do and should learn.
When I started as a trainer I was taught the importance of a strong foundation in functional movement. With proper form the body can become stronger, prevent injury, rehab old injuries, and learn multiple ways to workout. There are so many different theories and forms of training. I believe a good trainer teaches, coaches, and listens to the needs of the client to get results. Whether you want to have fun and relieve stress, lose weight, or learn hip hop I can help you reach your goal.
I specialize in kettle bells, TRX-STC, weight lifting, body weight training, HIIT, weight loss, muscle gain, bodybuilding, Yoga, flexibility, strength training, dance, and zumba. Contact me for your one hour complimentary consultation.
Don't stop moving!