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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Female Fitness Trainer?
2. Why do I need Female Fitness Trainer?
3. Do I need a fitness trainer?
4. How do I interview each fitness trainer?
5. How do I choose the right fitness trainer?
6. What is the best fitness training style for me?
7. How do I know if I'm getting a fair price?
8. How long will it take me to reach my fitness goal?
9. Who provides the equipment?
10. Where can I train?

  1. What is Female Fitness Trainer?FemaleFitnessTrainer.com connects fitness minded women with the top female fitness trainers in the country. All trainers shown to you are based entirely on your seach requirements for their personalized goals and individual needs.

  2. Why do I need Female Fitness Trainer?
    Think of FemaleFitnessTrainer.com as your own personal shopper. You let us know what you are looking for in a trainer, and we give you the best results for your local area.

  3. Do I need a fitness trainer?
    Your personal trainer should be more than just an exercise demonstrator. We provide highly trained, expertly skilled, and educated women who would love to share their knowledge of health with you. Through experience and intelligence, they hold the key to your understanding of physical fitness and the ways to attain it. Our trainers…

    1. Create personal accountability so that fitness is a team effort between you and your trainer.
    2. Have experience with varying levels of limitations and injury rehabilitation.
    3. Provide a safe and comfortable environment for those who are intimidated by the scale and glitz of a large health club.
    4. Can adjust programs to be performed indoors or outdoors to suit your mood.
    5. Are ideal for the modern woman who needs her schedule to be number one so that everything finds it’s place.
    6. Are waiting to help you become the ultimate role model for your friends and family proving that you can have it all.
  1. How do I interview each fitness trainer?
    - Ask about their ceritifications. Is it an accredidited certificate?
    - Why is their training philosophy?
    - What would a session be like?
    - Do they have references?

  2. How do I choose the right fitness trainer?
    There are many factors to consider when looking for the right personal trainer. Always keep you and your goals at the top of the list. Your trainer should possess all the qualities you are looking for. As 2009, all personal trainers are legally required to possess a nationally accredited personal training certification. This ensures that each trainer keeps growing their knowledge in the fitness industry and stays abreast of all the latest advancements and techniques available. Education is a very strong part of the FemaleFitnessTrainer.com trainer selection process. We only accept trainers who yearn to further their knowledge in order to present their clients with the best personal training to be had.

    a. Communication Skills: All our female trainers must have the skills to be empathetic to all variances of clients. Plus let’s face it, they are women!
    b. Motivational Techniques:
    We want you to want to succeed. Our trainers will motivate and inspire you to complete programs you never imagined possible and to reach goals that were once in the distant future.
    c. Any trainer should perform a fitness evaluation on you for your first session. This process allows the trainer to get a better idea of your physical capabilities as well as determine your strengths and weaknesses so as to design a workout that is tailored to your exact needs. Also during this assessment, any body composition measurements should be taken so that re-assessment and re-evaluation can be completed in a timely manner.

  3. What is the best fitness training style for me?
    Every person is different therefore every workout should not be the same. A great trainer will employ many different techniques and styles to each program design. Our female personal trainers take into consideration any physical restrictions or limitations that may prevent you from exercising in a certain style. Modification of the program may be necessary to ensure a safe and efficient workout. However, through time with your trainer, you may gain strengths where you previously had weaknesses therefore your program will need to be re-assessed and modified. A good trainer will keep all parts of your body working at a level that is appropriate and challenging.

  4. How do I know if I'm getting a fair price?
    All personal trainers in the FemaleFitnessTrainer.com network are competing for your business. Get quotes from several trainers to get the best rate.

  5. How long will it take me to reach my fitness goal?
    Within each program, there should be many goals. The aesthetic goals usually take longer to achieve than the health related goals. Physical ability as well as frequency of sessions will determine the speed at which you reach you goals. Discussing with your trainer what the appropriate and attainable goals for you are will be the key to your success. Setting smaller goals with a big picture in mind allows for success at intervals which is very motivating and empowering.

  6. Who provides the equipment?
    All of our in-home personal trainers have equipment needed for a total body workout. If you do have equipment in your home or office, or are lucky enough to have a private gym to utilize then your trainer should be informed of that. However, it is not necessary to have an entire arsenal of fitness equipment to get a great workout. Portable equipment as well as your own body weight can be just as effective if the program is designed by an experienced and skilled trainer.

  7. Where can I train?
    FemaleFitnessTrainer.com partners with female personal trainers who have the ability to train you in your home, office, outdoors, or a facility.

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